back to canning and cake for a moment...

Tigress in a Jam posted a fantastic, comprehensive list of stone fruit canning recipes I wanted to pass along. She has another blog, too. Tigress in a Pickle. For - you guessed it - savoury canning recipes. Love it.

I did get my nose pierced again the other day. It was totally fine, aside from the almost-passing-out reaction from my body (certainly not the pain; it wasn't bad at all), and I like it. So there. *Twinkle*

Thomas is 6 months old today, and this morning he figured out how to get his chubby little arms to crawl along with the rest of him. It's a wee bit early in my estimation, but he is trying to keep up with Phillip.

I think that my mother-in-law and I are going to make this cake soon. Yum. (She just delivered me a little dish of walnuts cooked in maple syrup. Ummm... I'm super lucky. And getting chubbier every day we're here.)

I chatted it up with a perfect stranger (oooh, do you remember that show? I loved it when I was a kid) in the natural cleaning products aisle at the grocery store today. I might be a wee bit obsessive.

Hope that you're having a good weekend!

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