We used up the last of our first 20 pounds of local apples via pie. It was incredible. So I ate at least half of it. Not all at once, but still. Over the course of 24 hours. That's why I try not to make it too often.

I have some of the most exciting news of the year: we are getting a deep freezer this weekend! It's an early Christmas gift from my parents, and I am so excited. Really - pie and a deep freezer? Not to mention that Adam included bacon in our lunch? I am giddy.
Okay, get ready to applaud! I'm always thinking of things to blog through the day, and here's one of the very few that are actually going to make it.

I know exactly what John Denver meant when he sang 'You fill up my senses' in Annie's Song. Every time I walk into Thomas' room when he's been sleeping, my heart and head almost physically fill with wonderfulness. It's more than his sweet baby smell; it's like his essence is dispersed through the air around him and I'm breathing him in. I love it.

It's the same feeling I had right after P was born; as though a hole running through the core of my body had been filled with something warm and amazing and right. Like applesauce. Okay, or maybe love. My thoughts on this feel more profound as I'm thinking them, but it's been a long day. That's all I can come up with.


  1. Joanne MD-B9/15/2010

    What a nice description of the way your babies make you feel, Sherrie. 'Annie's Song' was our wedding song :)

  2. That is such a true and vivid description: "warm and amazing and right." I wonder why John Denver didn't use apple sauce in his lyrics? ;)


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