Now that the snowdrops have pretty much finished their show for this spring, the daffodils have appeared. These particular ones are from the property at our new old house, and I kind of enjoy the greenish tint, and the ruffliness. It's like sunshine in a Ball jar. Yes, please!


flying by

It has been a very full time for us lately, in lots of good ways, and the time has just been flying by. Making time for things other than the necessities has been challenging, with work, the new old house renovations, and so on. Even so, I've been trying to walk at least three times a week, and have a friend a few blocks over who I'll often walk with. I mix up the routes I take, but one of my favourites passes by this lovely golden grass. The fresh air never fails to make me feel more alive, and I'm always glad that I went.

I almost always listen to a podcast when I'm walking on my own, and my new favourite is the Girl Next Door Podcast. And they mention me in the latest episode! A warm, warm welcome if that's how you ended up here. Browse through the archives and enjoy your visit! I'm also on Instagram, which is where I post most frequently. I'm glad you're here!

We have some company coming tomorrow for a few days, which will be fun, especially since the forecast includes lots of sun. I hope that your weekend is lovely, too, and that you make it out for a walk.


this weekend

Things are up in the garden! Snowdrops are the highlight right now, and the crocuses are trying really hard to be awesome, despite the great deluges we've been having that have beaten them down. And there's another 50 mm of rain forecast for Tuesday. Oy. Everything is so completely sodden and overflowing, I don't know where more rain will possibly go.

Chives! Our first edible of the season is officially... edible!

 I took the boys for a walk in the woods today, and we carefully explored a bit in a junk pile. I found several intact glass jars which I brought home; I love how nature makes use of the available terrarium!

And a plumber working at our new house found a pile of these cards in the floor. We found one a little while back, and were delighted that he found a bunch more the other day. They're from the Authors Improved card game by Milton Bradley, c 1890. I thought it was funny that we only found one at first, because there's a certain little boy in this house who loves to slide things through the floorboard cracks, and he certainly wouldn't stop at one. I think that a hundred years ago or so, there was likely another little one who did the same thing. I love all of the little things that are telling us the stories of the house!

If you're interested, I've been posting more pictures of the renos in progress on Instagram. (Browse through a bit, and you'll find a bunch.)

Other miscellany from the weekend:

Skunk cabbage! We saw the leaves last summer in the woods on the new property, and today I found this year's growth just emerging. It generates its own heat! What a fascinating plant.

Water kefir. I have some growing after trying a friend's that was delicious. And I can't stop smelling it every time I walk by - it's a lovely lemony, lightly yeasty scent. In a very good way.

Pad Thai at ChaBaa Thai. I had some last week, and it was sooooo good.

This tea. (I'm not a fan of their artificially flavoured teas. This one is lovely.)

I've been catching up on Doc Martin. Love that show!

I hope that your week starts off well and that you stumble upon some skunk cabbage, too. (I can't wait to smell those leaves!)