A flock of geese kept flying over Thomas and I a few weeks ago when we were at the beach. I thought they looked so delicate and lovely in their ever-changing arrangements. Quite unlike when they're on land.


golden moments illustrated magazine: instruction, amusement, entertainment

This is definitely one of the highlights of the last week or so. There have been a few low points including sick boys, trips to the doctor, a brand new furnace that wasn't working, and the sale of our house that fell through (*sob*) but that's all the time I'll spend on those. There was also lots of time spent with friends, the renovations have begun at our new old farmhouse (!) and this gem from 1886 was found in the ceiling. I feel like a time traveller. I am completely smitten with the care taken in each little detail. As much as things have changed in 128 years, so much is the same. Like current magazines, it's filled with stories, music recommendations to play in the parlour with company, an ad for Singer sewing machines, some tips for farmers, and even a get-rich-quick scheme. Of course there's fashion, and even two illustrations which could be hung on the wall, which I find quite beautifully representative of life and all that comes along with being human. It's very brittle (I'm astounded that it survived!) and I haven't yet taken pictures of every page. I wish I could know who the last person to read it was. How did it get up in the ceiling? Did someone have a subscription, or did they bring it here after traveling in Maine? What were the editors like? What did their office look like? And what about the printing process? There was no electricity! Cars had not been invented. 128 years old - that's quite an impressive feat. Enjoy!


february beach

Doesn't that look like a gorgeous necklace? I can picture it on a mermaid perched on a rock at the edge of the sea. 

 T and I went to the beach this grey afternoon for a much needed dose of fresh air between storms. A fleeting stomach bug found P yesterday (he's already on the mend), so just T and I bundled up and left the house. The variety of size, colour and texture in seaweeds struck me today. Maybe because it's February and so much of the rest of the beach is shades of grey. Whatever the reason, all of the browns, reds, yellows, and greens jumped out at me today. 

T was being an explorer, leading me on an expedition, and chattering the entire time. It was a lovely way to spend some time this winter afternoon, especially since the rain took away all of our snow. (We're supposed to have more tonight and tomorrow, though!)