I made a bunch more salsa last weekend. It was lots of fun, but still not quite whatever perfect mystery flavour Adam is looking for. I found it was quite watery as well; is this common with homemade canned salsa? I loved getting the skins off the tomatoes - super fun. And messy.

I'm so paranoid with peppers; I have horrible visions of touching a pepper-oiled finger to Thomas' eye. So I asked Adam to chop them, and he opted for gloves, too. Better safe! (We jokingly refer to him as "Mr Safety" around here.)

I'm going to be away from the blog for a short bit, but I'll be back after next week. Have a great time without me!

P.S. This is the Sesame Street song that is embedded in my head. LOVE it. I think I have to listen to more Stevie Wonder. (I may have mentioned a long time ago that my sister and I used to skate on our pond to "I Just Called to Say I Love You". Neither of us are professional figure skaters yet.)

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  1. I hear that you are supposed to leave the tomatoes salted in a strainer in a cool place (not cold...so no fridge) overnight to allow a lot of the juices to drain out so it is not so watery...

    Maybe you just need a dash of cilantro...or chipotle to get that flavour Adam is looking for!

    Have a good time away! :)


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