lemon cake and daffodils

Even though the daffodils were purchased at the grocery store (discounted, of course!), they're still cheery. It's been a really windy, wet day, and they brought some much-needed brightness to the house.

The house where I spent most of the day - I'm done work until next February! My blood pressure is still good, but I've been really tired and uncomfortable, and finding it hard to do my job, which involves a lot of running around. The doctor I saw on Tuesday agreed, and told me to stay home. Okay! This cake is amazing. If you're not deathly allergic to citrus (sorry, Ing!) it is heaven on a plate. The recipe is from A Homemade Life, and is on Molly's blog, Orangette, right here. You must make it, as soon as possible. It's probably best shared with other people, but I wouldn't really know. (I will not tell you what percentage of the cake was consumed by yours truly.)

Happy Thursday!

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  1. the cake looks fantastic and springish... going to make it!!!!


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