we interrupt this hiatus for an important message

Holy smokes, folks! Five short years ago today, I wrote my very first blog post. I was twenty-four, we had only just bought our house, and I had no beautiful sons to post about. We did have one fat cat, though. I started my own business, so did Adam. We have made some wonderful friends; lots has changed, and lots has stayed the same.

I love the internet. Really and truly. It can be such an amazing and positive tool to teach and engage people, and allow connections to be made which would otherwise be impossible. It also facilitates keeping in touch with people we already know, and gives us the opportunity to meet like-minded people. I have met some fantastic, intelligent, creative, and inspiring people through my blog, and even one of my best friends, who lives right in my hometown. With complete sincerity, I can say that I would not be the person I am today without the amazing people behind the blogs I read, and connections I have made online.

And the pictures! I have learned to really love taking pictures and sharing them. I chose one of my favourites for this post. My flickr photostream is over here, just in case you want to peruse all 1799 pictures. Or maybe just a few.

I don't know how many of you have been around since the beginning, but whenever you happened to join in, I'm so glad that you're here! I love sharing little things that I'm up to, and it tickles me pink that someone else thinks it's worth reading, too.

So. Pick up that glass of water, tea, coffee, milk, champagne, beer, or whatever else is at hand, and let's toast the internets! Happy blogaversary to me!

P.S. Our hard drive crashed again this afternoon, so we will be having some repairs done this week. I snagged a computer to use to post this. I'll be back next week!


  1. Anonymous9/20/2010

    Happy blogaversary! Blogiversary? However you spell it, have a good one. ;)

  2. Yay for five years! I'm so happy to have met you through your blog!

  3. I know I've mentioned it a few times already but you are the reason I started my very own blog. I remember the cold wintery February day I stumbled upon your blog over three years ago. I did'nt even know what a blog was.

    As you mention, I have met so many inspiring, like minded people by visiting blogs. My life would not be the same without blogs in my life. I started knitting, sewing, baking healthier meals, enjoying a simplier life... all because of blogs that inspire me. Thank you for being a part of my daily routine Sherrie.

  4. And here's to many more happy years! The Internet is amazing and has let me meet so many amazing people, and Blogging has let me really get to know them. I'm glad I know you and get to share in your special moments and all your glorious hobbies. :)

  5. Hi Sherrie,

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I have been following for a while, and found you through Jai and Lauren Soloy's blog (friends of mine). I am in Yarmouth for a month, working as Artist-in-Residence at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives. It would be great to meet you and maybe pick up some soap direct from the source! Drop by anytime you'd like. I'm also going to be working with youth, mainly through the schools, but plan to do a studio drop in day, so if you wanted to bring the boys by that would be fun too!


  6. Katie, that would be fantastic! We'll be back in town next week, so we'll definitely drop by. :) Yay! Adam will be glad to meet you, too. Thanks for getting in touch!


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