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A few of you have mentioned that you're having trouble commenting on posts, and as always, I aim to please. (Even if I'm a little slow - and J - I will reply to your sweet e-mail soon!) So as an experiment, I have changed the comment settings so that anyone should be able to easily comment. I'm hoping that this will entice more of you to let me know that you've stopped by!

And in order to entice you further, I'm going to have a wee giveaway! I have some soaps on hand that were an experiment - they're the lavender ones pictured at the bottom. I will send three of them to a randomly selected commenter. The winner will be chosen on Thursday, just because. Tell me what your favourite thing about September is - there are so many for me!

So - give the comments a try again and let me know how that works for you! I hope that you're having a great Labour Day.

Have a great week!


  1. Anonymous9/06/2010

    My favorite thing about September is the cooler weather (and my birthday!!) :)

    Kim Seeley

  2. September?

    Cooler skies
    Fewer flies
    Apple pies
    Leaf demise.

    Just stumbled upon this blog today via Yarmouth Freecycle - looks great!

  3. Anonymous9/06/2010

    its such a pretty month leafs changing a nice crisp breeze.
    Lauralee D

  4. My favourite thing about September (at least right now) is hearing my daughter ask if she can go get some acorns from the acorn tree to feed the chipmunk in our backyard.

    And I'm pretty sure bubbles in your jar won't harbour botulism.

  5. cool crisp air,love the smell.
    crunchy fresh apples,pears etc .
    homemade Autumn soup,mmm.
    farmers markets so full of gorgeous veggies and fruits.
    And getting to wear wool!!!

  6. Hi Sherrie,
    Lavender soap...Mmmmmm...I love Lavender.
    How did you make out with your tomatoes from the Farmer's Market in Argyle?
    We went too - loved it.
    Also went to the Annapolis Market this summer - a real treat.
    Now that September is here, my fingers itch to knit - so I'm making a sweater.
    You have to drop by for a visit and see our dinning room - renovations are complete!
    Thanks for the jam - looks delicious - can't wait to try. Rhubarb also goes with pears and makes an excellent combination for pie.
    Love your Blog.
    Ma Connell

  7. I love when the weather is cool. The fresh crisp air is so refreshing

  8. Cooler weather---holidays around the corner, lots of family time.

    LAVENDER is one of my favorites scents-

  9. Léa DL Jacquard9/06/2010

    Just discovering your blog Sherrie, great ideas, and I think I will continue to pop in from time to time :)

    Favorite things about September?
    I am reminded of cool, refreshing fall air
    crunchy, sweet-tart, fresh apples
    The beginning of autumn colors in the trees, the crunch of leaves under your feet, and the excitement of fresh starts and the newness of school starting for another year :)

  10. Melissa9/06/2010

    Cool weather, blue skies, harvest, honey crisp apples - my favorite!

  11. Joanne MD-B9/06/2010

    Hi Sherrie:

    I am venturing into the commenting world!

    Some of my favorite things about September are wearing jeans and sweaters again, how life seems to slow a little bit and comfort foods like stews and soups...mmmmmm!

    We had a great time visiting with you today and I love your blog!

  12. Bridget Gillane9/06/2010

    Pumkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks...the cooler air is awesome too!

  13. The sound of the wind in the trees. The leaves sound different in the Fall, I think because they are starting to dry out and I typically notice this change in early September. The cool nights and warm days... doing yoga in the coolness of the morning with the dew dripping as the sun warms up...so many things...

    Also, the new lavender soaps...AWESOME! No sneezing! I hope I get more!!! :)

  14. Warm fall light in the early evening. It's the most beautiful natural picture taking light. I'm just sorry it's so fleeting.

  15. my fav about sept is apple season..falls leaves changing and of course,...back to school!!!!!(to make the town i live in less busy during the days)

  16. Linda J9/06/2010

    Love the fall colors - and the cooler weather!

  17. I love everything about September! Fall is my favorite time of the year :) The smells, the cool air, the farmers markets, ect...

  18. Mmmm..I think September is my favourite. Warm days, cool nights, no bugs, and that certain smell in the air. Lovely! We love your soaps, too!

  19. Karen P.9/07/2010

    cooler temperatures, apple orchards, and fall colors.

  20. Janice Pori9/07/2010

    The sun, low in the sky, filtering through the intense color changes in the leaves is my favorite thing about September. I feel as though I would like to reach up, grab a leaf and eat it!

  21. I love the cooler weather, the horses are perkier and trail rides are more colourful. We get a chance to go out on long hacks without getting sticky and, yet, we can still ride through the lake without worrying about the cold.

  22. For the first time this morning I'm having trouble posting a comment. Here I go again... I love your soap. I am currently out so I must head out to Yarmouth Natural for more. What I love most about September is the upcoming Fall season - mmmm mmm mmm, that nice Autumn smell is already here. Have a great day Sherrie.


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