Adam's Nana passed away on Friday. She turned 95 on Wednesday. I am so happy that she got to meet both of our beautiful boys, and that they got to meet her. She is the Nana of the delicious biscuits, the quilt, and hugs, kisses, and cheek-squeezes like you wouldn't believe. The funeral was really a celebration of her long and full life, and a testament to all of the friends and family who loved her so much.

So we're with family for a little bit, which is why I was going to be away from the blog. But I obviously can't handle not posting for more than a few days. So please give someone a hug today and mean it - Nana's life reminds me how much that can really make a difference.


  1. Many warm(((hugs)))to you and your family. Thank you for reminding us to celebrate life every day!

  2. Sorry to hear about Adam's Nana but from what you say she left behind wonderful memories for her family and friends. Take care and enjoy your time away.

  3. So sorry for your loss. I'm glad you have so many happy memories and I will be sure to hand out some hugs to those who mean the most to me. :)

  4. raegan9/25/2010

    aww this post was so heart warming. It made me cry.


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