and the winner is...

Linda J! Group consensus at our house (we have company) was number 17, and yours was the winning comment. Send me an e-mail (grahamsherrie at yahoo dot ca) with your address and I'll pop those in the mail for you. Yipee! (The picture above is a random soap picture that I happen to like; you'll still be receiving the lavender ones.)

My favourite comment, though, was this one:


Cooler skies
Fewer flies
Apple pies
Leaf demise."

If the commenter is perchance the Tony of the Old World Bakery, let me know and I'll bring you some soap, too. That is one fantastic poem.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Hi Sherrie,
    I am the Tony in question, and I don't work in a bakery, alas. But I will look for your soaps next time I'm in Yarmouth - they're lovely.
    -Tony Payzant
    Church Point

  2. Thanks so much, Tony! While you're here, you should stop at the Old World Bakery and meet the Tony P who owns it. :) If you let me know when you'll be down, and I can try to get a few freebies to Yarmouth Natural for you.


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