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After much consideration, I've decided to reopen my Etsy shop, solely for custom orders right now. I've had a few people on the internets mention that they would like soap, but aren't local, so this will get them their fix, and keep me from feeling the pressure of listing items and all of that jazz, when frankly, I would rather be hanging out with my crowd here at home. As always, if you're local, you can buy my gorgeous soaps at Yarmouth Natural.

Speaking of home, (nice segue, I know!) we had our kitchen insulated today! For some unknown reason, when the previous owners had blown-in insulation put into the rest of the house's walls, they kind of skipped the kitchen/pantry/porch. It's sort of the back part of the house. Anyway, it wasn't until we had a home energy audit done last year that we learned that it hadn't been done, so as part of that, we finally had it done today. The way that it works here (I'm not sure if it's the same now as it was then), we will be reimbursed part of what we spend on the things that were recommended in our report to be done. So, we've replaced a door and a few windows, insulated the kitchen, and done some insulating around the chimney. So I'm excited to get some of that money spent back when they come back to do the follow-up visit. I love it when every person who comes to do work on the house comments on how structurally sound it is. It really is amazingly square for a 110 year old house. Apparently it's balloon-frame construction, which nice and solid.

Happy Tuesday!

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