this weekend

Things are up in the garden! Snowdrops are the highlight right now, and the crocuses are trying really hard to be awesome, despite the great deluges we've been having that have beaten them down. And there's another 50 mm of rain forecast for Tuesday. Oy. Everything is so completely sodden and overflowing, I don't know where more rain will possibly go.

Chives! Our first edible of the season is officially... edible!

 I took the boys for a walk in the woods today, and we carefully explored a bit in a junk pile. I found several intact glass jars which I brought home; I love how nature makes use of the available terrarium!

And a plumber working at our new house found a pile of these cards in the floor. We found one a little while back, and were delighted that he found a bunch more the other day. They're from the Authors Improved card game by Milton Bradley, c 1890. I thought it was funny that we only found one at first, because there's a certain little boy in this house who loves to slide things through the floorboard cracks, and he certainly wouldn't stop at one. I think that a hundred years ago or so, there was likely another little one who did the same thing. I love all of the little things that are telling us the stories of the house!

If you're interested, I've been posting more pictures of the renos in progress on Instagram. (Browse through a bit, and you'll find a bunch.)

Other miscellany from the weekend:

Skunk cabbage! We saw the leaves last summer in the woods on the new property, and today I found this year's growth just emerging. It generates its own heat! What a fascinating plant.

Water kefir. I have some growing after trying a friend's that was delicious. And I can't stop smelling it every time I walk by - it's a lovely lemony, lightly yeasty scent. In a very good way.

Pad Thai at ChaBaa Thai. I had some last week, and it was sooooo good.

This tea. (I'm not a fan of their artificially flavoured teas. This one is lovely.)

I've been catching up on Doc Martin. Love that show!

I hope that your week starts off well and that you stumble upon some skunk cabbage, too. (I can't wait to smell those leaves!)


march 25

As you may know, we're in the process of renovating a little old farmhouse outside of town, and trying to sell our beautiful current home. (I wish we could take it with us!) We were out at the new place for a bit on the weekend. Things inside the house are just finishing up the 'it gets worse before it gets better' stage, and I'm so excited to see it come together. Adam's been cleaning out the chicken barn, and that little nest with a chestnut in it caught my eye. I'm so excited for the weather to start warming up and to see what comes up out there - I found a few snowdrops, and there are some bulbs poking up that appear to be daffodils. There's definitely an old rambling rose and a lilac up by the house, and who knows what other treasures we might find?

In other news, we have a blizzard warning for tomorrow (March 26?! this is crazy) and it's shaping up to be the worst storm of the winter. Errr... I mean early spring. So maybe the windows won't arrive tomorrow as expected.

Also, I seem to have caught some kind of disgusting something. I stayed home from work today and slept all morning, which helped a lot.

We have a house showing on Friday! As usual, my fingers are crossed.

I've been reading every beekeeping book I can get my hands on. Did I tell you that we ordered our bees? They'll be ready in June. I am soooooo excited.

Oh! And one thing that I am most excited about in the new house is that we can fit an end cupboard for cleaning supplies next to the fridge like this one! Wheeeee!

And the other special thing about this day in particular, is that on this day four years ago, a certain someone joined our family. He has been the happiest, most mischievous kid, and we're so happy that he's here. He loves anything that can BANG! BOOM! CRASH! or be otherwise destructive. He peed in the garbage can the other day. He loves to tell jokes, cuddle and read books, and to snuggle with a soft blanket. A few minutes ago, he unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper. Give him a tool (a lawn mower, perhaps?) and he's happy for the rest of the day. He is funny, and loves to put on a show for anyone who will watch. He's smart (he was telling the doctor a few weeks ago about what white blood cells do) and kind. And he talks non-stop, with the cutest little voice. Thanks to Adam for the picture of our fantastic four-year-old!

May you weather the blizzard with ease, and enjoy these last few days of March!



It has finally arrived.

I actually set a reminder on my phone to alert me when spring arrived at 1:57 this afternoon. And I am so glad that it is here.



I went for a walk this evening, and took a quiet detour in Yarmouth Mountain Cemetery. It was especially lovely as the sun was starting to set. I love walking in a cemetery every now and then. Gravestones are sometimes the only tangible remnant from these lives lived years ago, and serves as a handy reminder that we'll all meet the same end sooner or later. Somehow, I find that reassuring rather than depressing. That said, I've heard news of several people I know being diagnosed with various cancers over the past few months, and my heart just aches for them and their families.

I've been quiet here on the blog lately, and I suppose it reflects what's been going on in my little world. Regular life has been busy with the usual daily duties and keeping everyone fed and clothed, and we've also dealt with the non-sale of our house (frustrating and disappointing - it's still for sale if you want to move to the most beautiful coastline in the world) and continuing renovations at our new old house (exciting and overwhelming). I've been trying to come up with some plans for how this little online space will evolve, and haven't made any definite decisions, but I know that it will be changing. So much of what I love to photograph and write about is centred on home, and without definite house plans in place, and much uncertainty about just exactly how and when everything will all work out, along with all of the time these house things have been taking, I've just not felt like putting all of that business out there. There will be some stellar before and after pictures in a few months, though. I also think that this winter has been long enough. I love me some snow and an afternoon sledding with the boys, and we had lots of fun this season, but I am officially ready for spring. I think that some warm, sunny days will bring some much-needed energy and motivation my way. Here's hoping!