presents, antiques and other lovelies

Firstly, I owe some thank yous! First up: blogless Annie, who is no longer blogless, has moved to the land of the free and the home of the brave. I haven't mentioned it because I was secretly hoping that she would have returned by now and that it would turn out to be a sad dream. Alas, she is in New York. Right now I don't feel so terrible, because of the great goodies she sent my way. (That's only partly true.) Those are wool buttons. Wool buttons. Brilliant, and painfully cute. I have no idea what I'm going to use them for, but it has to be the perfect project. Any suggestions? (And no, I haven't gotten around to any of my other crafty projects. I've been super busy with work lately and haven't made the time. Soon enough!)
Annie also sent this fantastic print (I LOVE it!) by Etsy seller (and street vendor, apparently) Kristiana Parn.
And some fabric! Any store that has a glass jar on their card is my kind of store. Now I must visit you, Annie!

The other thank you goes to F.G. in SJ, for the sweet hankies! (I think that's what they are, although they would make great cloths for cleaning glasses...) They're so beautifully made that I've just been enjoying looking at them.
Graff Brothers Salvage in Weymouth is a fantastic place, with everything you could possibly imagine. Unfortunately, every time I've tried to stop in so far this year, they've been closed. For future reference, they're only open on weekends. I'm hoping to be driving by on the weekend sometime soon, just to see what there is to see.
Also in Weymouth is Grandma's Collectibles, where I picked up this crock. It's right on the main highway (the 101) through the village, and she has a great assortment of old stuff - furniture, dishes, tools, pictures, and on and on. It's where I found that cute marmalade jar, remember?
I just couldn't resist another picture of the yard, this time in the fog. Ahh, June!


  1. Oh dear Sherrie I miss you too and sometimes I do think that being in NY is just a dream and I'll wake up in Yarmouth and we'll all meet and have a cookout! Oh well. I'm really glad you like the goodies there's so much to choose from! I can't wait to see what you make out of them!

  2. The perfect word to describe Graff Brothers is "overwhelmed" when you first walk inside that building. Sunday afternoons are usually packed with people from all over the tri-counties. I love Grandma's Collectibles. I've found so many nice things there. I go crazy in the huge pile of linens hidding in the corner. And the antique furniture... well what can I say, I want most of it.

  3. Great finds and gifts!!! You are a lucky girl to have such thoughtful friends! :)

  4. Oooh! Nice presents from Annie! I almost stopped at Graff Bros on Saturday to look for a washer drum (to use as a fire pit), but I didn't have a whole lot of time. Maybe we can stop in when we make our Valley road trip.


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