unpaper towels

My unbleached, unpaper towels from AthenaCreates' Etsy shop arrived last week. They're nice and thin, about the size of a facecloth, and textured nicely for grabbing goo. I like them! And I had this napkin holder hiding in a drawer, which I was thankful I didn't toss in one of my purging frenzies. That's happened twice this week - the other thing I was thankful I hadn't tossed is the tray from Frenchy's which I recovered (and have plans to cover yet again). It's perfect for carting things out to our new picnic table!


  1. I love the concept of unpaper towels! And the napkin holder is lovely - very rustic :)

  2. i just got some of these too and they're lovely. i'm such a sucker for unbleached fabric.

    your new blog is gorgeous!


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