p is for popcorn, and i like white mirrors

I like popcorn. Eaten in the evening, out of my Kitchen Aid mixer bowl. I love the handle on it.
I discovered this maple sugar at Yarmouth Natural last week and tried it with salted butter on said popcorn. Yum. I'm thinking that it will be a heavenly topping for crème brûlée. Mmm.
I found this mirror at Frenchy's last week. I think it was $6. Hideous, no?
A quick layer of spray paint on a sunny afternoon last week, and it's much better. Do you see the other mirror reflected in the picture? I picked that one up at a yard sale a few years ago, and I adore it. One of my favourite finds. Oh, and I have this one, too. Okay, I like mirrors with white trim.

I can't remember if I posted this already or not. I haven't decided where it will live in the house, but I love it.

I have an excellent video post which I've been having trouble uploading since last night. I was going to wait to post again until that one's up, but I'm just too impatient. So hold your breath for some great Frenchy's finds!


  1. The crock looks like a "pickle crock" I saw at an auction last night. It was ginormous!

  2. Oooh, I want to hear more about the auction! We'll call you soon. :)

  3. Yum. I love popcorn. Have I ever mentioned that I think words starting with "p" are cute?


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