centsational girl and etsy goodies

Another of the weekend pics, and a few other fun things:

If you're into taking something blah and redoing it to completely change it, primarily with ridiculous amounts of spray paint, you will love Centsational Girl's blog. She has tons of fantastic projects; here are but a few of her 'revamped pieces'. Her style is floufier and more formal than mine, but I can definitely appreciate it. (LH, her style reminds me of yours!) She gave me a reason to want to travel to San Francisco - to visit Crown and Crumpet. She has some more pictures of it in this post.

Adam, don't follow this link. I ordered this for a surprise treat for the husband the other day.

And I also ordered these "Unbleached unPaper Towels" to try out. We don't use paper towels except for chicken goo, but I find that we use about a thousand dishcloths each day to wipe up spills and messes and Phillip. I like that these are thin and will dry quickly, and take up less space in the wash than the dishcloths. Yes, I could totally make them, but who knows how long it might take for me to get around to that!

Today was a pretty good day.


  1. Ooo ... those unPaper towels look really neat. We, too, go through many, many towels / cloths per day (cloth diaper wipes comprise most of them, but kitchen messes are plentiful as well :) ). Let me know how they work out! Our use of paper towel is limited to cat puke clean-up - yuck!

  2. I am so happy to read that your day was a pretty good day. I love the unPaper Towel thing. I agree, they would be easy to make but I prefer using that time to do other things.

  3. Thanks so much !



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