Saturday success: market and yard sale jackpots

These gorgeous peonies were at the farmer's market yesterday. Our peonies weren't quite open yesterday (one had opened this morning after some intense thunderstorms through the night), and we don't have any of this particular variety, so I had to buy one and two to share.
And carrots, mmmm.

I nearly jumped out of my skin, I was so excited to see peas at the market. I ate the whole bag as soon as we got home. That's not an exaggeration, either. Just ask Adam. He posted some pictures of our market goodies here.

We also picked up some local strawberries, which lasted a few minutes longer than the peas. And that enamel pot is from Frenchy's - I found it when Austen and I went last week. It's the perfect size for mixing up a double batch of soap.

After the market, we went to the Old World Bakery, where I finally remembered to pick up some cheese. This was the most delicious smoked gouda - it lasted a little longer than the strawberries, but not much.
And since I'm now on vacation for the summer (yay!) I picked up some reading material. This is the second issue of Hobby Farm Home I've picked up. The name threw me for a loop at first, but it's got lots of good information on gardening, cooking, preserving, raising goats, and all kinds of other useful things like building an outdoor oven. Really, I'm quite impressed with it, and just might have to get a subscription, since the home of my dreams has a few chickens and a goat names Sadie hanging around outside.

Now... on to the yard sales! Adam went to the gym first thing yesterday morning, and called me on his walk home to say that there was a great play kitchen at a yard sale for $8. But he had no cash. So P and I hopped into the car and whizzed over to the rescue. It's not a beauty like this one, but it was $8 and is in perfect condition. Did I mention that it was only $8? I have a video clip of him giving a tour, which I will try to post; since I had trouble with posting a video last time, I'll save it for its own post. He has literally spent hours already playing with it all by himself, which is the cutest thing on the planet. He makes tea, coffee (which no one in our house drinks), supper, washes his hands, reheats things in the oven, all the while with a precise running commentary. It's hilarious.

This and the play kitchen are equally exciting finds. This is an old-school (har har) desk. It's sturdy, looks fabulous, and isn't tipsy at all. Best thing? It was $1. One dollar! And that's one Canadian dollar!

I'm having an excellent start to my vacation.


  1. Sherrie, you should buy my house!! It's perfect for goats and chickens... that was my vision when we bought it. LOL

  2. Karen, we love your house! Ours isn't quite ready to sell yet, but if (heaven forbid) your house is still for sale in a few months when our work is done, we'll let you know. :)

  3. Fabulous everything! So jealous of the desk especially. :) Well, and the peas...


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