outtakes of an almost-birthday boy

I was looking through the pictures I took with P a few days ago, and some of them made me chuckle. So I thought I would share.
I love how he is clasping his hands in this one.
This was his response when I asked him to smile.
He was running in for a hug in this one.

And this is what he does when he's really, really excited about something. In this case, it was in anticipation of running down a small hill. It's similar to what he used to do when he said "strong".
This has nothing to do with outtakes. I found these fun wooden fruit at Frenchy's last week, and P likes to play with them. His birthday is coming up on Tuesday (hence the gifts in the photo), and when asked what he wants, he says only one thing: "Pasta and MEATBALLS!" So the meatballs are all ready in the freezer for the big supper party on Tuesday with the grandparents. The gift in the photo is from P's aunt and uncle. He hasn't paid the slightest bit of attention to it since it arrived.

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  1. So cute! Enjoy the party :) I can't believe our boys are already two!


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