antiquing with Austen and a wee veggie patch

I received an e-mail last week from fellow blogger Austen, who lives in a land far, far away where there happens to be a garbage strike. (Hello, Toronto!) There are other things going on there, I'm sure, but right now, that's all that the rest of Canada is hearing about. Back to my story. She wrote in her e-mail that she would be in Nova Scotia this week, and would I be interested in meeting up? Yes, please! She came all the way to Yarmouth, and we had a fantastic time. We had lunch at the Old World Bakery (or "Old Bakery" as Phillip calls it) with Adam and Phillip, then came back to my shack (our house is scraped for painting and looks atrocious) where I offered Austen tea, without milk. We were out of milk. How embarrassing. She brought sweet treats from Smith's Bakery, which were delicious, even with milk-less tea. (Again, Austen, I'm sorry. How boorish of me.) After tea, we went down to the waterfront, where there's an antiques shop set up above Killam Bros. Museum. Holy bananas, Batman! So much great stuff! Well displayed and organized, too.
I apologize for the poor quality pictures, and leaving you with the impression that Austen is not only a giant, but a hunchback as well. Neither is the case! And I should have made sure to take a decent picture. Thanks so much for coming, Austen - I had a great time and hope that you did, too.Ah, glass jars. One of my favourite topics. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for these blue ball jars for awhile now, and was tickled to find two of these while out with Austen. The blue jars were only produced until 1937, and the blue colour was from an impurity in the sand they were made from. Neat, eh? Neither has the glass top, but I'm okay with that. And they're slightly different from each other, which I think is charming. They're lovely tealight holders on our new picnic table.
Hey, wait - how did that sweet face with the full cheeks get in here? Moving right along...
Check out one of our veggie beds! I know it's not much, but things are doing pretty well, and Phillip has only pulled up one fistful of lettuce. The lettuces (Romaine and Buttercrunch, I think) are on the right, carrots on the bottom left, and green onions on the top left. I'm excited for the mini harvests we'll have!


  1. Oh dear! I wish I could have been there with you two!

    I'm in love with your jars. You might have to hide them the next time I visit because I'll probably steal them.

  2. First I have to say "again" what a cute little boy you have there. Wonderful to see that you had a visit from Austen. I love reading her blogs and I was so excited when I won one of her giveaways. Thanks for the info on the antique shop. I will visit next time I'm in Yarmouth (which is often). Beautiful set-up on your picnic table.

  3. I had such a great day, Sherrie! It was so nice to meet you and hang out with your boys (Phillip is even cuter in person!). I can't believe I didn't take a single picture - I think I was having too much fun to think about getting out my camera.

    And the Ball jars look great on your picnic table - definitely a sound investment. Here's to a long summer of candlelit evenings outside!

    Now, when are you coming to stinky Toronto?

  4. I'm glad you had such a great time! And those jars look perfect on your picnic table :)


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