abby tries again

Remember awhile ago when I mentioned that I liked some of Abby's prints? Well, we worked out a swap, and look what arrived in today's mail! The giant print that I love, along with some fabulous other treats. I love the bowl photo in the upper left so much that I framed it right away and it's on the kitchen wall. The vintage tablecloth kills me, I love it so much. And look in the bottom left at her apricot blossom business card - I wish you could touch it. It's a beautiful, thick paper with a perfect finish.

Abby's blog is here, and her online shop is here. Happy browsing!


  1. Finding this in your mailbox should have put a great big smile on your face. They are beautiful. I checked her shop. I love the print with the glass bottles.

  2. They're SO gorgeous! She does beautiful work--and that business card is pretty enough to frame in and of itself!


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