The spirea in our yard are a bit slow to bloom. Since I picked the plant up last fall for 50 cents and rather unceremoniously plopped it into the ground, I can't complain. I can't believe that it is June 18 already. This month has been flying by. Phillip had his 2-year checkup today, and surprise, surprise - he's fabulous. The doctor said that he's at a 3-year old level. I'm such a proud mama!

And a tired mama, too. I feel like everything takes more effort than it should, and just don't feel like my usual energy-bubbling-over self. I will be done work for the summer next week, and I can't wait. I want to just sit out in the yard, read, and have tea. Yup, I think that should do the trick.


  1. Wow - that's awesome about Phillip! You should definitely be proud of him :) I'm sure some relaxing time should definitely help - enjoy!

  2. Great news about Phillip! He is such a wonderful boy, you should definitely be proud!! The joys of working in the school system is that you get the summers off...how lovely. It will defintely do you some good to relax and enjoy the weather, a good book and most of all Adam and Phillip! Sending Hugs!


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