cupcakes and eels (yes, eels)

I treated myself to a copy of Martha Stewart's Cupcakes today. It was the first Martha cookbook that I really wasn't that keen on, since I have never made cupcakes. Never. Nope, I'm not kidding. But when I opened it up in the store aisle, I knew that my life would have to change its course.
These look much like Queen Elizabeth Cake I've posted about several times, only in cupcake form and with chocolate added. Martha's Snickerdoodles recipe is one of my favourite cookies, ever. So I'm willing to try it in cupcake form!

And are these not the cutest cupcakes you've ever seen? Sheep! Fenced in and everything.

And I do love a good dose of lemon.
I can see some serious weight gain in my future.

Today was better. I laughed and meant it twice, and it felt good. Once was over misheard song lyrics, which never fails to make me collapse in fits of laughter. The one that put me over the edge today was "the girl with colitis goes by", misheard, of course in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds where the actual line is "a girl with kaleidoscope eyes". The other thing that made me laugh was a bit more unusual, and was noticed by Adam in the 'From the Cruiser' section in today's Vanguard, our local paper. Ahem:

"May 18, 7:39 am, received a 911 call reporting a possible traffic hazard at the intersection of Vancouver and Main streets. The reported hazard was hundreds of live eels that had spilled onto the road. The RCMP located a fisherman who had spilled his load of eels. The police assisted with traffic control while the mess was cleaned up."


  1. I soooo need a copy of that book!!!! I'll be getting it soon!

  2. Lol! I would have loved to see the eels spilling out all over the road... :)


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