ground cover and thanks

I love this invasive ground cover, whatever it's called. (I'm not huge on finding out real names of things unless they're in need of something. I enjoy them just as well whether they have a proper name or not.) Phillip and I spent a bit of time in the garden together this afternoon, and he enjoyed examining these, too.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the well wishes. I am so glad that I decided to share with everyone right away. For me, just knowing that people care and have lived through this is very helpful. The best thing is learning that so many other people I know have gone and are going through the same misery. That sounds terrible - of course I'm not happy in their sadness, but it is comforting to know that you're not alone. So thank you.

I did manage to take this picture (and some other pretty ones, too) today, and make eight batches of soap. So I'm learning that productivity in misery is my thing, too, and that a few tears (or a lot, really) don't ruin a batch of soap. I felt like Keri Russell in Waitress, making her pies, only for me it was soap. There may me more batches coming.


  1. Wow. Eight batches. I'm speechless. And I love the ground cover and also have no idea what it is, but perhaps it doesn't grow all the way over and down here in Pennsylvania. Perhaps you could send me a snippet and I could start a new invasive species? ;)

    Seriously though, I thought of you a lot today. I'm glad you're finding comfort in productivity. That may be my most favorite coping mechanism of all time.

  2. Yes, WOW, 8 batches of soap. That must have kept you busy for a little while :-) I love ground cover. I have a lot in two of my gardens but I don't have the one you're showing. I'm with you about knowing the ''real'' name for every flower. I just love them as is. Take care and know that you will be in my thoughts this week.

  3. I am sending more hugs and continued support. I only wish I could do more! :)

    I am glad that you have found comfort in being productive. Just like Amber it too is my favourite coping mechanism. Eight batches of soap...you will be fully stocked now! Perhaps the soap will be like in the food in Like Water for Chocolate (excellent movie and book)...with the soap taking on some of your grief and all those that use it washing it away. Let me know when they are ready to be sold. :)

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  5. I can't think of better therapy than crafting.

    deleted last comment, because, <3 was suppose to be a heart...stupid laptop.


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