hoppy easter and a tip

 I was kind of a lazy Easter bunny this year, and had no firm plans of what we would do to celebrate until 6:00 this morning. (The Easter bunny had delivered a book to each boy overnight, but that was it.) I (thankfully) read The Artful Parent's post about colouring hot, boiled eggs with crayons soon after I got up with T. The heat from the egg melts the wax as you colour, resulting in beautiful, easy, not-nearly-as-messy-as-dye-which-I-am-slightly-afraid-of, lovely eggs. She then dips them in dye, and with gorgeous results, but we skipped that step.

 Then the eggs can be easily peeled and eaten. I picked up those sweet little nest bowls a few years ago on clearance at the Superstore. I have three, and love, love, love them.

Things I love about this project:
1) no waste - we ate some of the eggs for breakfast and the others are in the fridge
2) no messy dye - today was one of those days that P and dye would have equaled a disaster
3) no supplies required that we didn't already have
4) beautiful, vibrant results

One tricky thing was that when the eggs were hot enough for the crayons to melt really well, they were really too hot to hold. (Did you see my lovely ceramic egg holder? It's for when I have my hens and a perpetual supply of eggs.) When they cooled a bit, the wax didn't go on quite as smoothly. Other tips: regular Crayola crayons (we had some fresh new ones with sharp tips) worked the best; the thick Crayola ones for little hands didn't seem to melt as well.
One last tip for all of you who love glass jars, as I (ahem, yes, I have a problem) do.  I have seen these plastic lids on several blogs (Food In Jars is AMAZING!) lately used on standard and wide-mouth canning jars. Not used for the canning process, of course, but for freezer jams, and storage of pantry items. I asked one blogger about them, and she said that they're made by Ball in the US. Anyway, after a bit of digging, I found out that Bernardin (the Canadian equivalent of Ball) makes them as well. I hadn't seen them in person, but decided to look when I was at Canadian Tire a few weeks ago (so much more than tires, for you non-Canuks!) and they had them! I bought almost all of the ones they had left, since almost all of my pantry staples are stored in them, and they're much nicer as lids for lotions, honey, and the like, when your hands might be goopy, or they're in the shower. LOVE.
I have some cookbook reading to do! Kitchen Express is amazing and written exactly as I would write a cookbook, and I want to spend some time cuddled up with it. The Family Dinner was a birthday gift, and I borrowed Feeding the Whole Family, both from Ingrid. The cover illustration is by Nikki McClure!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


  1. Just a warning, I'm going to use the word "love" a lot here. ;D

    I love the way P colored the eggs! I love your ceramic egg holder! I love glass jars and those plastic lids (which I'm still trying to get dh to agree with me in buying)! And I love Mark Bittman's cookbooks! I've not heard of the other 2 cookbooks but will have to check them out.

  2. I love the crayons and heat idea. We do resist with them but I never thought of using warm eggs. How lovely.
    I also love the idea of the twist caps. I have some here...somewhere but it never occurred to me to use them for anything other than freezer jam lol.

  3. Sherrie,

    Could I talk you into giving a canning class? I'm itching to learn, but I'm a bit nervous about the process and need to see it done. I'll be there the last week in July and the first two weeks of August. Maybe others in the Yarmouth area would also be interested? Just an idea...

    Margaret Jeddry

  4. Teresa, thank you, as always. You deserve some sort of 'sweetest and most consistent commenter' award. There. Consider it given. :)

    Melissa, happy egg colouring! I know it was posted a bit late for this year, but I'll probably reference it again next year. :)

    MargaretJ - That's an interesting proposal! It's really straightforward; I would recommend getting some basic books on it, reading them a bit, and watching YouTube videos. You'll be canning by the time summer rolls around. :) Let me know in the summer if you're still desperate to learn, and I'll see what I can do. If only I had about six more free hours in a day... thanks for asking!

  5. I love the colored eggs. I think I need to get me a Nikki McClure poster, I love her work. I have a blue egg holder sitting next to the kitchen sink for when we bring in the eggs waiting to be washed. I need to buy more of your lovely soap. My daughter fell in love with it over the weekend so she's put in her request. Do they still have some at the Health Food Store ?

  6. Vickie, I think you do, too! She also has a calendar each year, which I am absolutely going to ask for for Christmas. Can you post a picture of your egg holder? I would love to see it! They do still carry my soaps at Yarmouth Natural! A friend visiting from Halifax told me that she cleaned them out on Saturday, though, so I might need to deliver more this week. :) You can also always buy it directly from me, too!

  7. OK, if I go to Yarmouth Natural and they're all out I'll send you an email. I'll post a picture of my egg holder soon.

  8. Sherrie, I'm a consistent commenter because I have no life, aside from that as a Stalker. ;D


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