mayflower monday and brooklyn homesteader

We went to visit some friends yesterday, and D was sweet enough to suggest that we look for mayflowers. And also sweet enough to send me home with a bag full! I couldn't be happier. Mayflowers are the provincial flower of Nova Scotia, and I think that they are perfection. If you've never smelled them, they have a soft floral scent, but not in a heady, overpowering way. They're the first wild flowers to be found around here, and when I was a kid, my sister and I would go with my dad to pick them. I remember spreading them out all over the kitchen floor, gathering them into little bundles and delivering them to neighbours.

I'm doing some guest posting over at Brooklyn Homesteader for the next little while, and I'm jumping in with my Meyer Lemon Vanilla Jelly recipe. Pop on over and have a peek! Megan's best known for her bees (she's writing a book on beekeeping) and her blog has tons of info on all things homesteading.

Happy Monday!


  1. Louisette4/11/2011

    I'm loving the new header for your blog! Beauty!

  2. Yes! Your new header is so lovely! I've never heard of mayflowers before, but I'd love to smell the scent. I'm going to see if they can grow here and if I could find some through mail order. :)

    Will go check out your guest blogs...

  3. Oh goodness, I can smell them just from looking at your pic. Must go check the backyard!! Btw, my forsythia are in full bloom on my diningroom table ;0)

  4. Mayflowers. I wish.... le sigh...

    At least our snow is melting, finally!!! But I do miss flowers in April.

    By the way, that shot is truly beautiful. :)

  5. Thanks for linking to the Brooklyn Homesteader blog. I checked it out and love it. Would'nt it be cool to have food swaps around here; how cool is that. I'll have to keep that in mind.

  6. Anonymous4/13/2011

    Such as fresh looking picture! :)

    I love mayflowers, too but I think I`ve only seen them in white. Not sure if I have the right flower. Have a great day!


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