tuesday links

 I love seeing pictures of other bloggers' homes. So here's part of my kitchen! (Yes, that was while the boys were away. I bought myself some tulips and kept a table cloth on the table the whole time.)

I have a bazillion great links to share!

These clean white spaces totally hit my happy sensor today.

A new-to-me blog: Root Cellars Rock! From Newfoundland. Get it? Rock? All kinds of homesteady Atlantic goodness.

The value of art for kids. Great stuff.

Rotating toys and books so kids enjoy what they have.

A soap sliver saver scrubber tutorial.

The Happiest Mom. Love it!

A plantable seed paper tutorial. Fun, fun, fun!

This is looking like a pretty tasty meal.

Speaking of tasty, isn't this a gorgeous breakfast?

Continuing on with tasty, these spicy kale chips sound divine.

New blog! New blog! A gardening one, from some of my favourite blogging ladies.

Found another new blog that is gorgeous. GORgeous.

Hope you're having a nice, quiet evening. Good night!


  1. Melissa4/27/2011


    You always have the best links! I have found so many cool ideas, recipes and blogs. I look forward to reading your blog every morning (when I'm at work).


  2. Thanks so much, Melissa! I'm glad that you're enjoying them. It's a nice way for me to keep track of things that I come across and love, too!

  3. Like I said before, how on earth do you keep such a neat and gorgeous house with 2 little ones? I know they were out of town then, but really, your house always looks like something out of House Beautiful.

    I adore clean white spaces too, but can never pull it off.

    I tried making seed paper before, but the seeds have a tendency to pop off once the paper was dried. Guess I'll use this tutorial and try again. :}

    The chicken marbella looks wonderful, but we'll have to adapt it to a whole, cut up chicken since we never buy plain breasts anymore. My mouth is watering looking at that photo!

  4. Teresa, you always make my day. :) Thank you. I had wondered that about the seeds, and even thought of you and your paper-making adventures. Let me know if you try it - you'll probably get around to it before me. I think we'll do the chicken soon, too, although we'll have to omit a few things that Adam can't eat. But, holy yum!

  5. Anonymous4/28/2011

    Thanks for the link to my blog! Your blog and photos are beautiful!

  6. Thanks for the gardening and other blog links! I am motivated to try the no shampoo idea...but don't worry your shampoo bars will still be great for the body! That is if I stick to it! :)

    The chicken recipe looks amazing too! I hope you are well. Send my best to the boys!


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