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I just wanted to pop in and tell you crafty, make-y blogger types out there about something that I think is fantastic. The lovely, sweet and crafty Molly of A Foothill Home Companion came up with a great idea and ran with it. That's what I love to see - someone who not only has a terrific idea, but follows through with it.

Blarter is an online community of bloggers who barter, and it couldn't be much simpler. E-mail Molly with what you have to offer and what you would like in return. It gets posted, and anyone who is interested e-mails you directly. I've been looking for another Spring scarf, so I offered up soap in return, and someone contacted me almost immediately. Yay! I love the internet. Thanks to Molly for both coming up with the idea, and for allowing us all to benefit! Pop on over and have a peek.

A few other things that caught my eye recently:

Importance of play!

Love Rachel's dinnertime post. Am definitely keeping my eyes peeled for an unbreakable pitcher for P to start pouring his own water.

I want to do EVERYTHING. And there are supplies for it all here.

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. I picked up cheap "breakable" pitchers at Value Village and it is amazing how careful little ones can be. If/when it gets broken, a lesson is learned...and you probably only paid 99 cents for it anyway. So sweet. I also got some one cup tea pots for the boys to make their own peppermint tea. Another lovely pouring exercise and great for afternoon tea and cookies. Have fun. That homesteading site has me drooling. I want it all as well! Mother's Day is coming up!

  2. Holy Mackerel! I want to do everything too. And it's all there. What a find! Great links, by the way. My oldest is starting to get to an age where she is gaining more independence. It's great to get new ideas of how to encourage that.

  3. What a cool idea "blarter" is! Thanks for telling us about it.


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