blooms by the sea

The boys and I went to Blooms by the Sea a few weeks ago. Guess which was my favourite display? Yes, indeedy, it was this antiques one. But for some reason, perhaps because I was looking so closely, I only took two pictures. I love the hutch with teacups and glass jars; not so much that rooster thing on the floor in the second picture. I am very much opposed to rooster decor. (But I think I could still be your friend if it's in your house... maybe.)

The other booth that grabbed my attention was this 'Recycled Garden' one. I wanted to speak with the woman who was wo-manning (ha!) the booth, but she was deeply engaged in conversation each time I passed by. It was full of everyday items, repurposed for the garden.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much there was to see at the show, and how many displays there were. Even though I didn't win any door prizes, there's always next year!

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  1. There are some great ideas there - it looks like it was a neat show. And makes me wish I had a garden! Hope you had a great weekend.


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