CSN review - Cusinart cordless electric kettle

I am now the proud owner of the cutest tea kettle on the block, the Cusinart Cordless Electric Tea Kettle (in chrome!). I was contacted awhile back by CSN stores, asking if I was interested in doing a product review. Since we were in the market for a new kettle, I gladly obliged. And I'm so glad that I did!

Our former kettle was plastic, and you may know that I'm not plastic's biggest fan. Especially when it comes to heating water for consumption in it. I was looking for something metal, preferably cute, with a large capacity, and efficient. This kettle fit the bill perfectly. We've been using it for a little while now, and I couldn't be much happier with it.

This kettle has a round base, so it doesn't matter which way you set the kettle down; it will be connected. Our former kettle had to be set down one particular way, which was a bit of a bother. Other things I love about the kettle: it boils water quickly and quietly, and it has a larger capacity than our old one. It also has a cool-touch base, so you can set it down on any surface, even when it's hot. The handle is perfectly designed for pouring without having to tip it so far forward that your hand ends up in the steam (also a problem with our old one), and it's easy to fill at the sink. It has a safety-shut off, and an indicator light on the switch to let you know when the kettle is on. Lastly, but certainly not leastly, it is CUTE! It also doubles as a fantastic (if slightly disfiguring) mirror.

The only feature that I wish this kettle had is a little glass window so I could see how much water is inside. And a little tiny maid to polish it whenever it's splattered on.

The verdict: I'm very happy with my new kettle, and I have nothing but positive things to say about CSN Stores' service - the kettle was shipped faster than expected, and arrived in perfect condition. So if you're unable to find something locally, I would absolutely recommend CSN Stores. And if you're looking for a new kettle, this one is fabulous.

Have a great weekend!

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