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It's almost bedtime, and I'm tuckered out. But I wanted to pop in and say hi to all of you.

As you may know, I've been making inquiries about legally keeping backyard hens here in my beautiful town. It's not looking too promising at this point, but I attended a meeting this evening where it was decided that the issue will proceed to a public meeting in a month. On the flip side of that, we went to see a house today that was very interesting. And since it's outside of town limits, I could have my hens. And a couple of goats, too. On three acres (give or take) going back to the ocean. With a barn. And this stove. No, that's not a joke.  I know. And for a reasonable price. I'll keep you posted.
Found a new-to-me blog... and I'm getting the sense we have a lot in common.

Am looking forward to spending some more time browsing over here...

Some straightforward thoughts on jealousy.

Drying citrus in the oven.

A perfect way to make preschoolers very, very happy.

Just ordered a copy of this cookbook for myself (using a gift card bought with Air Miles, yay!) after borrowing it from the library. It's written exactly as I interpret every other cookbook, and how I would write one. Love it!

And one last thing for you parents - for the next three weeks, including this one, there is a free conference called Feed Play Love that you can virtually attend (i.e. you can listen online) featuring all kinds of great parenting experts. Dr. Christine Carter is one of them; I've mentioned her work and podcast before. It's free, and you can listen to each session for 48 hours after it's taken place. Did I mention that it's free? I'm hoping to get some more listening done this week - there are all kinds of great topics. Definitely check it out.

Hope your week is going well!


  1. I got all happy inside when I saw your post title. That house sounds like a dream. I love the stove but I would buy it for the barn. I would LOVE to have a barn on my property so I could start keeping a couple of goats and a mini horse or donkey. It would'nt even have to be a great big barn at that. Someday... !!! Keep us posted on "the house"; how exciting.

  2. How exciting for you!
    We are hoping to put in a cook stove this year,we've wanted one for awhile but they are terribly expensive.
    It would be great to read about your chickens and goat adventures,good luck!!

  3. Love the stove!! I hope the house works out!!! :)

  4. That stove alone would make me buy the house, let alone being able to keep chickens there! The location and size sounds perfect too. Thanks for always finding the most interesting links!

  5. AWESOME links, thanks for sharing! And OOOOOH!!! HOUSE! Can't wait to hear more! :D

  6. I love you guys! That's all. :)

  7. Very VERY exciting on the house. I hope it works out for you!

  8. Oh, that house and your vision for it sounds so wonderful, hope it works out!!


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