the sweetest thing(s)

Of course with that post title, I have this song in my head. This stunning as-local-as-is-possible maple syrup was a very sweet (small pun intended) gift! (Thank you soooo much, T!) I am terribly impressed that she and her husband tapped 275 trees - I saw the buckets several weeks ago when driving for work, and wondered who was tapping them! (That's the kind of place this is - chances are high that I either knew them or was related to them.) I was even going to blog a picture of the buckets then, but didn't have my camera with me. This whole event makes my insides smile. Not only because I ended up with a gorgeous bottle of maple syrup that I can't wait to try, but the thought of people just making amazing things because they want to thrills me. And to share it! Sigh.
I made some yogourt yesterday. Strained it a wee bit too long, and it is thick.Yum. 
I have a budding gardener on my hands.

Run update: How's everyone making out? Week 1's done, and I've completed three runs! I know you hear it all of the time, but really and truly, if I can do this, anyone can. And I mean anyone. And if you decide to start, let me know, and I will be your biggest cheerleader. It hasn't been nearly as uncomfortable as I thought it would be, and I find that if I pay attention to whatever is difficult, pop my collar and own it, it helps. Tonight, I was feeling it in my legs, but my lungs weren't complaining, which was really nice. The best and most wonderful thing that has made it go so easily is the Get Running app. Best $1.99 I've spent in a long time! And certainly the most healthy. You can have your music or podcasts playing in the background, while the app runs and a lovely (Australian?) voice gently tells you what to do. She sounds quite lovely, and you can hear her smiling when you're almost done. I love the story of how I found out about it - I donated blood earlier in the week, and was chatting it up with Cindy, who was doing the collecting. (I didn't feel a thing - it was great.) It seems that we have a lot in common (crafty, make-y things) and she's a runner. She started a year ago with this app, and recommended it. A HUGE thank you, Cindy!

More music! Abby recommended The Magnetic Fields. I started to listen to some of their songs on YouTube while doing some office work, and had to stop because it was so distracting. Love, love, love.

Violet jelly. P likes to eat violets in the yard, just because he can. I might have to wrestle him for some in order to make jelly. It is SO pretty.
It was a perfect day to hang diapers on the line. I kind of love this picture.

Easter / spring ideas - au naturale (no, I do not mean in the nude). LOVE some of these suggestions. I think P would especially like having his own beeswax candle to light at meal times. The things he's most interested in are the ones he isn't allowed to play with - I think that teaching him how to safely light, watch, and blow out a candle is pretty important. And he'll be so proud to do it himself. Right up there with pouring his own drinks, something we're also working on.

I received a kitchen torch as a birthday gift (thanks, sister!), and I used it this morning! And here's what I'm did! (She also gave me tomato paste in a tube! I used some today. Love it.)

 Adam roasted some mini marshmallows on a skewer.
I think I need one of these. (This is my husband, after all.)

Someday when I'm feeling supremely ambitious, I might keep bees.

Whew! I feel like this post is an accurate rendering of how my mind works. A little nutty and all-over-the-place. Hope you had a lovely Saturday!


  1. Oh my! Thanks for reminding me to check on my yogurt!

    The more I read your blog the more I like you. I wish I knew you in person because I find I have so much in common with you (right down to the beard-loving husband!) At any rate. Thanks for the lovely blog.

  2. Wow, so ya I've been running and pretty much It feels like knives are stabbing my throat the whole time :) I am REALLY out of shape. I wish I could fast forward a month when it will be enjoyable going out. I think to motivate myself I'm going to take measurements... though I have to admit that part of my motivation is my 10 year class reunion this summer. j

    and I pretty much love that diaper picture.

  3. That maple syrup looks yummy! We don't make maple syrup over here but I was in Canada 2 years ago in spring and helped collect sap and make syrup. Such a wonderful tradition! And that yogurt looks so good as well, did you post the process somewhere? I just bought a book on making dairy products and I'm thinking yogurt might be easiest for a start.

  4. LOL @ the Beards are Sexy shirt! You almost make me want to run...but my nearly-50-yrs-old knees are not sure I should try it. Maybe a very fast walk instead? A kitchen torch sounds like fun for a gastronomic pyromaniac...LOL! And I'm hanging laundry out today too...yay! Happy Sunday to you!

  5. Beautiful pictures Sherrie. As Teresa is saying, my 50 year old knees can't take it. I was running a few years ago and stopped for that reason. Walking fast has the same cardio effect and esaier on the knees. Bee keeping for me will happen next Spring. I'm pretty much done with reading on the subject now I have to spend time with a mentor. And we are tapping trees next Spring also. Life is short, better enjoy it while we can.

  6. Vickie, I can't wait to see (and read) all about your bees and trees!

    Teresa, walking is wonderful! I can chase you with the torch, if it will help!

    Kristina, the yogourt post is here:http://twentytwopleasant.blogspot.com/2010/05/tasty-toes-yogourt-and-granola-recipe.html. Which book did you get? There's one by Ashley English I have a hold on at the library and can't wait to read.

    Lola, you can do it! Think of how good it will feel when you're able to do it without feeling like you're dying. That's what I'm most looking forward to.

    Katie, glad you're here! And thank you. :)

  7. Sherrie, thanks for the link, I saved it and hope to get to making yogurt next weekend. It really does look so delicious!!
    I bought a german book, but Ashley's is on my wishlist as well :) Let me know when you read it if it's worth buying!


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