we (finally) made it home

Pink and green, one of my favourite combinations. The in-laws had the prettiest little begonia at their house which I couldn't help taking a picture of. Adam prefers 'elegant' flowers to 'pretty' ones; I just like them all. And the second picture is a small tray (I'm going to use it as a soap dish) which I found at Frenchy's in our travels.

After a nastily rough boat ride during which we managed not to get sick (we tried some Life brand 'Seabands' since I can't take Gravol and I think they worked) we're back home. The snow is all gone, and there are more snowdrops in the yard which were covered before we left! Very exciting. All kinds of bulbs are popping up here and there, which makes for a delightful surprise when one is discovered. We had a great trip, but I can't remember the last time I was so glad to be home!

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