I've returned from a few days in the big city, where I was attending a placement with one of my students. It was a lovely couple of days, but it's always nice to come home. Since I didn't have any new pictures, here's another one from our beach visit on Saturday. It's been another FRIGID week, and it's supposed to be another warm weekend coming up. Hopefully we'll get out again and I'll have some more pictures!

When I was in the city, I found an area rug for the baby's room, which is just what I was looking for (and was only 12.97, so I bought 2!) Machine washable, neutral beige-y colour, nice and soft for playing on, and non-slip. Adam spent a bunch of time working in the baby's room today, so it's almost ready to paint! That will be a very exciting step.

I'm 6 months pregnant today! I can hardly believe that in three short months, I will have a living, breathing, wonderful human being outside of my body to be responsible for. Wow. I'll be sure to post an updated belly pic on the weekend - it feels like it's grown a lot over the past few days! I think the baby's been building up muscle by wiggling and kicking in there. I love going to sleep with those little pokes and prods.

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