Stranded in SJ

Adam and I were sitting on the ferry this morning, eager to get home, when an announcement came over the PA system: "We regret to inform you that the crossing will be delayed by half an hour due to mechanical difficulties." OK, no problem. Half an hour later: "We regret to inform you that the ferry will not be able to make the crossing today due to mechanical difficulties." So we're here in Saint John, hoping that the ferry will indeed be making the crossing tomorrow. I understand that things happen which aren't really anyone's fault (although the three weeks with no crossings in February for maintenance would take care of things, one would think) but this really throws a wrench into my week's plans. Things will sort themselves out, though - there's not really an option! We were promptly rescued at the terminal by an avid blog reader - thank you!

So this week's belly pictures and begonias will have to wait until we're home... hopefully tomorrow!

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