le stroller

Here's the stroller! Mother-in-law took this picture when we were scouting out possible strollers for adoption. It's all set up with the car seat adapter thingy, so this is how it will be used with Baby G for the first while, until s/he is big enough to sit in the stroller part. It's much smaller without the carseat on top, and when folded it's really quite compact.

In a funny series of events, we decided to roll our new stroller (in the picture is the store's demo) on to the ferry with us rather than put it on the luggage cart. We had the carseat (still completely wrapped in plastic) sitting on the seat of the stroller. When we went to get our boarding passes, the woman at the counter said
"So... there's just the two of you?"
Us: "Yes."
Woman (looking kind of concerned that we were either trying to scam Bay Ferries or that we were totally unaware that we had a baby with us and she was trying to figure out how to break it to us) : "Ummm... what about the baby?"
So we explained that no, we were not hiding a baby wrapped up in a plastic bag on a stroller.

Then when we were getting on the ferry and needed to use the elevator, the crew guy who was crammed into the elevator with the stroller and I gave it a funny look and said "Where's the baby?" He thought there was a baby somewhere between the plastic wrapped car seat and the stroller.

When we were docking, a guy sitting near to us said something to his travelling companion about what a good baby that was in the stroller - slept the whole time. The girl replied: "It's covered in plastic. There's no baby in there." Good eye!

And when we arrived at the terminal in Digby and I was on yet another elevator with said stroller, another woman gave it a funny look and said "Well, where's the baby?" So I explained. Again. I think the stroller obscured the big belly, making the situation a bit more perplexing.

Adam suggested that we roll the stroller and plastic-wrapped carseat around as a performance art kind of thing, just to see how people react. Which would be hilarious, judging from today's responses. I really liked that it got people to talk - it's something strangers don't do enough. I can't imagine how many people will approach me when I have an actual visible baby with me! I also like that when many people see that I'm pregnant, they kind of look at me sideways so they don't appear to be staring, and smile. That always makes my day - the thought that someone seeing me and the prospect of a baby can bring them even a smidge of happiness.

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