I took these shots of my no-longer-in-the cupboard hyacinth the other day. I'm hoping it will open and change colour soon. The roots in the water look very alien and beautiful, I think.

We're having a grand time away from the usual routine, and we found a stroller for baby G yesterday! It's the Safety 1st Evolution stroller, and it's everything we were looking for. It's not navy blue (it's a lovely brown with that sheep fleecy look padding which sounds tacky when I type it, but it's lovely in person), it has three wheels and the front one swivels, an adjustable handle suitable for both of us, folds up pretty darn compactly, and doesn't weigh a ton or take up much space. It's even made in Canada. I couldn't find a link to a picture, but I'll try to post one when we get home. I'm very glad that's looked after - there are so many to choose from. The baby's crib and mattress were also ordered yesterday, which is the other 'big thing' we needed. We took the chance while we were at Sears to update our registry and add some little things which aren't available online to add, so that was fun. Adam had a good time with the beepy scanner thing.

We also made a quick stop at Value Village last night and I found a brand new American Eagle green canvas purse, which I love, as well as a great pair of maternity jeans and a purse for my mom to use at my sister's wedding. Hopefully she'll like it. It was only $1.99, so even if she doesn't use it, it's not a huge deal.

I think we're off to the museum this morning, so that should be fun. And educational experience for baby G, who will probably be resting the whole time. Especially after keeping me up in the middle of the night with a new calisthenics routine. I love it!

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