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No picture with this post; I'm just flying through the days lately, getting lots of silly 'niggling' things done. Like obtaining a safety deposit box at the bank for our insurance stuff and passports, and other fun details of life. And eating Tums... I told someone the other day that I hadn't had heartburn for a couple weeks, so of course that night I was in the throes of a heartburn fit. And last night, and tonight. Only 3 extra strength ones a day when you're pregnant - so far it's done the trick. They work way better than raw potatoes, and they definitely taste better. And have calcium, too. Tonight's woes might have to do with the whole pineapple that Adam and I devoured. It was the best pineapple I think I've ever had. Worth it for sure.

In more exciting news (what could be more exciting than acid reflux, really?) Adam's pictures and bio in PhotoSho are arriving in mailboxes all over the country! His parents got their pre-ordered copies yesterday, so we're expecting ours tomorrow. I'm so proud of him and so excited to see his work published! Be sure to keep checking his site to see new pictures.

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