This is a prize I won at a baby shower I attended last weekend. I like it, even though it's a mass-produced useless thingy. Even though I don't have birds landing on my arms, it kind of captures how Spring makes me feel.

Photosho arrived today! Yay! I'm SO proud of my wonderful husband. Have a peek of proud Adam (and rightfully so!) with his feature. It's not too late to order your very own copy!

Baby dream - I dreamed last night that Baby G was born, and it was a girl! But she wasn't done growing yet, so they were going to have to put her back in. I was very concerned that they wouldn't be able to do it without hurting her. Strange, strange. I still kind of have a feeling that it's a girl... we'll just have to wait and see.

And I don't think I mentioned yesterday - Adam has a coat of primer up in the baby's room! Yipee, it should be done before long! We've been pretty busy, and Adam doesn't want me inhaling the fume-y paint, so he's been plugging away at it, bit by bit. I can't wait until it's done and things are looking ready for Baby G. I'm feeling pretty prepared, despite the unfinished room and baby stuff taking over our office space. It will feel SOOOOOOOOOOOO good to be able to go through it all, sorting and organizing and making sense of the mess. And of course, there will be pictures!

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