29 weeks

We missed the 28 week picture, but here's the belly at 29 weeks! We're getting more and more excited to meet Baby G. S/he weighs approximately 2.5 pounds and is about 15 inches tall. His or her brain is growing rapidly, and as s/he is soaking up lots of nutrients, I need to make sure we're getting what we need. I'm still feeling really good, although sleeping is starting to get a bit more uncomfortable (I received a belly wedge for a birthday gift, which is awesome, but it doesn't make rolling over any easier!). But if that's my biggest complaint, I consider myself very lucky.

I attended a diapering workshop yesterday afternoon, hosted by Angela Johnston (and her adorable son, who was a great cloth diaper model) from the Valley Cloth Diaper Company. She talked a bit about the benefits of cloth diapering (I'm already a convert and I think the others in attendance were, too, but it was still nice to hear) and had a variety of diapers there to look at and practice with on dolls. It was so nice to be able to see all of the different ones in person! In the 'I would totally want to be smothered in this material which is really expensive and lovely' category, is this bamboo diaper. You must touch this thing - it is unbelievably soft, and is made from bamboo, one of my favourite renewable resources! It's also suitable for 10-35 lbs, so it would last baby a long time. I practiced with some prefolds on a doll, and I really like them (we have a few which we'll mostly use in the beginning when Baby G is too small for the 10-22lb Kushies I have, but we'll need a few more.) They're a bit more work than all-in-ones or pocket diapers to put on, but they're a LOT cheaper, won't take nearly as long to dry (saves energy!), and they can also be used as liners in other diapers, and eventually would even make great rags. I also asked Angela all of the questions I had, and now I have a narrowed down list of exactly what we'll need, which isn't much. She was great - not at all trying to convince us to buy her stuff or trying to talk us into buying more than what we need. I'm hoping for some gift certificates from valleyclothdiapers.ca so I can get those last things before June!

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