beachy goodness

Adam and I went to Port Maitland beach late this afternoon with a sub picnic and plans to stick around until the lunar eclipse exposed itself. It was an incredible day weather-wise, especially given yesterday's unpleasant snowy and icy mess. Today it was sunny and 7 degrees, making for beautiful beach walking (and picture-taking) weather.
This sand formation reminded me of stone carvings, especially ones on cemetery stones.

We found these little gelatinous globs strewn along the entire length of the beach. I'm not sure if it's a trick of light, but it almost looks like there's some kind of insides to this one. Could it be a jellyfish washed up after the storm? Or a part of a jellyfish, perhaps? On the sand, they look exactly like those clear glass beads with the flat bottoms which can be used for crafts.
These three were in close proximity, so Adam made a snowman. (They slid off of one another when he tried for a real 3d one.)
This little tide pool seemed out of place. It looked very much like a desert oasis.
And the sun was stunningly bright awhile before it set. Then the clouds took over and we walked the length of the beach getting colder by the minute (it really wasn't that bad) all the while watching for the moon to appear. We finally saw it right before we left as a little crescent, and continued to watch on our way home. Pretty amazing!

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