sewing machine cover

Since I've been sewing a lot more lately, I've had my machine out for easy access. I took it into my head after seeing some sewing machine covers on a variety of blogs this week that I wanted to make a cover for it, to keep the dust off and to make it looks little more pretty (and tidy). So I whipped this up this morning - it took very little time and effort, and I think it looks great! I simply measured my machine (including the height of the spool of thread on top because I know I'll usually want to leave it threaded), then cut two pieces of material for the front and back and one long skinny one for the sides and top with a little bit added for the seam. I pinned it all together inside out, and stitched it up, and as a final step hemmed the bottom. If you wanted to fancify it, you could line it, add a little handle on top or a hole for the machine's handle, or make a slit for the cord (I can't leave it plugged in, so I didn't bother with that). Super easy - definitely worth the effort! Check out Adam's photos of the process here.

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