Good morning.

Everyone is feeling good again, and the house has been cleaned and cleaned and disinfected. And cleaned some more. I'm hoping that's the last of the germs for a long, long time. Adam has the boys out for a walk and the house is quiet.

We have no particular plans for today. If it's super hot again this afternoon, I'm thinking that the boys and I might either go to the beach or play with water in the backyard. We don't have an outside faucet, though, and we pay for water here by consumption, so the free, close, available ocean seems like a better plan. I'm hoping that this summer will be quiet, uneventful, and lovely. With lots of time exploring outdoors and playing with friends. That sounds just about perfect to me.

My first official day of summer break (!) began with Heidi Swanson's baked oatmeal. I have her Super Natural Every Day book signed out of the library. Again. There are some fantastic looking recipes in there, but many of them aren't ones that Adam can eat, so I can't bring myself to buy the book. We used raspberries instead of huckleberries, and some great Scottish Oatmeal from Speerville Flour Mill. If you haven't visited it before, Heidi's blog is here; I'll  bet that you'll find something you like.

On a completely different note, it's also Thomas' first day of toilet training. I think that he'll do just fine. I feel like went about it in so many ways that didn't work with Phillip that we learned a lot. Also, Thomas is just about the easiest, laid-back kid in the world, and he already knows when he's going, he can hold it and get to the toilet, and he sees his brother. I think he's ready!

Happy Canada Day (yesterday) to my fellow Canucks! I am so thankful to have been born in this beautiful country. You Americans, have a fun Independence Day. (And Teresa, who's a bit of both and who leaves the sweetest comments, I hope that you celebrate both!) And if you're somewhere else, I hope that you have a lovely Monday.


  1. Sherri, I was strolling through her blog and I see that she is selling a small jar of dried wild rose petals for $39! Really? With all of the wild roses along the shore, there's $$$ to be made...:-)

  2. Margaret, I hadn't seen that! You're right - I could be a millionaire!

  3. I'm so glad you're all well again and I hope your summer will be just as lovely and uneventful as you wish :)) I do so envy you that ocean around the corner!


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