jar lid tips! (and bee balm)

I'm hoping the bee balm might bring some hummingbirds to the yard. We've had many, many more butterflies than usual this year, and they seem to like it.
What's that in my fridge? Goat's milk! From Dorothy, the minor celebrity. Naturally, I am beyond excited. My aunt and uncle have a dreamy little homestead, with a small organic blueberry operation, some hens, and of course, the goats, and we are so happy to have some of the milk!

Take a peek at the lids on the jars - they're standard Mason size, they fit perfectly and don't leak (I tried!) and best of all, you might have one waiting to be recycled already. My aunt shared her tip - they're reused lids from Magic Baking Powder containers. I don't know if it's widely available in the US, but it's the go-to baking powder here. Of course, you can buy the screw-on plastic lids made by  Bernardin (Ball in the US) but they leak. If you're looking for the perfect solution for keeping and pouring, you can use ReCap lids (mine is on my kombucha right now; I have a post about that in the works); they're just coming out with a wide mouth version. And Cuppow just came out with a regular mouth lid that fits straws for your iced tea and other chilly summer drinks! (Marisa has a review, here.) Oooh, the excitement! I can barely stand it.

Have a lovely Tuesday. I have the day to myself, and I'm going to try my best to relax. I think I just might watch Midnight in Paris again this afternoon. I watched it one evening last week, and loved it. And maybe a walk on the beach or in the woods is in order. Oh, the possibilities!


  1. gah! that bee balm is glorious! love that shade of purple with a tinge of red.

    enjoy midnight in paris! i've seen it several times, loved it even more after each viewing :)

  2. Magic Baking Powder?? WOW, now that's a great tip! Thanks so much! I pinned this. :)

  3. Thanks, Amanda! I'm just sitting down to watch it again. :)

    That's great, Tanya! I know - isn't it great?

  4. Thanks for all the lid tips. That is crazy cool about magic baking powder lids! I have been looking for a lid solution for my kombucha... I am a newbie in that world!
    The color of that bee balm is AMAZING! You are inspiring me to get more flowers for the garden next spring!

    1. I'm happy to share, Dawn! I'm new to kombucha, too, and will just be sharing what I've done so far. Just to be clear, I have a lid on the kombucha in the fridge waiting to be consumed; there needs to be air circulation in your brewing jar. :) I've found http://www.kombuchakamp.com/ to be SUPER informative and helpful! Good luck!

  5. Canuckette12/27/2012

    There are other plastic lids to fit mason jars-- at least the ones with small openings: the lids from Kraft peanut butter jars.


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