rose petals

One evening last week, we met my parents at the beach by their house for a cookout for supper on an absolutely perfect evening. It was lovely, and since it was at the beach and within sight of their house and his boat, my Dad even stayed for awhile. Before we left the beach, I gathered up a bunch of petals from the rose bushes that grow everywhere along the shore here in Nova Scotia (rosa rugosa) and dehydrated them when we got home. I made rose water with the ones that didn't fit in the dehydrator, too.

In September, I'll go back to the roses and gather some beautiful red rosehips to make some jelly. Last year's batch ended up as a delicious syrup. Which, naturally, was intentional. *Ahem*. I think I might be more successful with the jelly-fying this time around.
And I'd like to thank my sister again for the dehydrator - such a great gift! And to Margaret, who pointed out that I could make my millions selling these.

I could use them for some of these ideas. Candied rose petals sound so Victorian and pretty. Or maybe I'll make some Rose Petal Granola. I'm delightedly excited to have a bit of time to myself tomorrow, so I think I might gather and dry some more. 

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  1. What absolutely gorgeous rose petals! I love to use mine in soap. =)


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