on the mend, again

Another calming (and spotty - sorry about that) water picture for you, from a couple of summers ago.

Things are looking up - thanks for all of your well-wishes. The small boys both had a great day, and Adam is feeling much better this evening. I've still managed to avoid the sick, and finished up my end-of-year reports this afternoon, which is nothing short of amazing. Just one more day, and then I'll be off for the summer! I've been too busy to be really beside-myself excited for it, but I'm hoping that will come tomorrow as I'm leaving my office!

The house is quiet. I'm going to make a cup of tea, ignore the laundry and toys everywhere, and go to bed early. Good night!


  1. Oh Sherrie I do hope everyone gets well soon. One more day for you; that's awesome. I'm taking vacation time in July and a week in August to go to a yoga retreat in the deep woods. Dave and I will head to keji for a few days of outdoors camping and other than that vacation this summer will be spent with our Rémi in Moncton.

  2. Yay for feeling better! Have a nice Canada Day weekend!

  3. Congrats on surviving the sick (knock on wood) and completing another school year! Let summer officially begin!


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