morning mess

I just walked into the office after nudging a bowl of pizza dough back into the ever-moving rectangle of sunlight on the living room floor.

Thomas and I put the pizza dough together earlier, and as I was putting it in a bowl, he was scooping some water in the sink with a cup. He dropped the glass, it broke, and he grabbed it before I could grab him, cutting his teeny, tiny little pinky finger. It bled quite a bit, and must have hurt, but he only cried when he realized what time it was: "I don't want to go for mine nap!"

 I took these a few minutes before that happened. What a big kid!

He's been doing a lot of pretend play - it was as if a switch turned on yesterday and he realized that he could pretend anything. A roll of wrapping paper has been a vacuum cleaner, as well as a guitar for playing "Moosic songs! Weally LOUD!" He's been a fish, a frog, and a fisherman. With a sword for a pole. And a hilarious running commentary. What a kid.

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