Over and over again this week, I've been stumbling upon posts and being reminded of the choices we have every day of how we're going to live.

10 things to make you happier at home. Simple, practical things that you can do at home which can actually make a difference in your happiness. Reading this list, I realized that we do almost all of them, and they do make a difference, as silly as they may seem on the surface.

Choosing our perspective for the day. (I could have written one of the lines in her post: "Is it me still living in town and not yet in the country or is it my family in a safe, beautiful home[...] a home that keeps us warm and dry and a home that we love?" Amen!)

Which brought to mind this post from Erin last year on choosing.

I'm sure that making chamomile tea from the garden should be on a happiness list somewhere. And I am very pleased to report that the hummingbirds have been coming to visit our bee balm! The day after I posted my wish to the universe, there they were.

On that note, I hope that you choose the good today.


  1. One year when we still had chamomile growing, I collected the flowers to make tea...and then completely forgot about them in my cupboard and had to throw them into the compost bin after several years had gone by. Darn memory.

    So glad you got your hummingbirds! They are adorable. We have a few around that can never seem to share the feeder (maybe they share the flowers a bit better?).

  2. The chamomile tea looks lovely! And thank you for the 10things link, loved it!
    I think we have to make a conscious effort every day to love what we have and to have it be "enough".


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