le village historique acadien


We took the boys to Le Village historique acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse (Acadian historic village) in Pubnico yesterday for the afternoon, and it was wonderful!

There is a lovely café at le Village, where there happened to be a strawberry festival happening yesterday, with hundreds of people bursting the seams and spilling outside. So we skipped by that happy chaos to do the tour of the rest of the Village. There's a beautiful new walking trail along the water, and plenty of large open spaces for the boys to run. And then there's the Village - a boatbuilding shop, two adorable little houses, a blacksmith's shop (he made nails for the boys), and a little dried fish operation. (And I think I'm skipping a couple.) Each building has interpreters in period dress who can answer any questions (en Français et en Anglais!) and there are even cookies. The boys were a little bit out of sorts, and the weather was H.O.T, so we weren't that leisurely about the whole thing. But we've already made plans to go back when the in-laws are visiting, and I can't wait.

Our friend Ingrid works there now, and these are pictures from 'her' house. I have a bunch more of the other parts of the Village, so I'll have to post about it again. (There are pigs and chickens!)


  1. Thanks for the shout out! We had a group here today because they read your blog post!

  2. loooove! i need to re-visit le village acadien in lafayette and take photos to show you and ingrid :)

  3. teehee- my tante Bernice is SO involved w Le Village (and Le Musée!). I haven't been the Le Village in years!
    (ps- Amanda- I have always wanted to go to Louisiane to visit "mes cousins Cajuns"! :) )

  4. Ingrid, that made my day. :)

    Amanda, please do! I would *love* to see!

    Lisa, you should go back - it's kind of awesome. :)

  5. It looks so beautiful Sherrie! I love each and every one of those photos!! You're in the english speaking part of Canada though, right?

  6. Thanks, Kristina! Quebec is the only officially French speaking province; just to the right of Quebec is New Brunswick, which is the only officially bilingual province. Nova Scotia (to the right of NB) is primarily anglophone, but down here in the Southwest there's a significant Acadian population (myself included - my Mom's Acadian) and plenty of French is spoken. :)

  7. so lovely and airy - can I "live" there? looks like a great day.


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