a brand new blog

Just wanted to let you know that Phillip started his very own blog, called Fun Stuff From Our House, today! We had been working on a print newspaper, but since he wanted to send copies to everyone he knows, we decided that a blog might be more efficient.

He takes all of the pictures and writes everything; I just type it and keep track of punctuation and spelling. You can see his first post, a short story, here. (I think he might appreciate a comment if you have a minute to spare.) Good night!


  1. Absolutely darling! Way to go, P!

    By the way, can you put a "follower" app on the blog so I can follow you? :)

  2. This is a great idea! My little guy is a great story teller too. He wrote a story for his grandmother called "The Rootin' tootin' stealing ghost" lol.


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