le village part 2 + activities as of late

A few more pictures for you from our visit to le Village a couple of days ago. These were ones I took for reference; the ones in yesterday's post were for the pretty.

In the picture above, the little building in the back is a chicken coop; this awesome fence is their enclosure. I'm thinking that when our house finally sells and we move into our forever home I'd love to make something similar around a garden to keep the hens out. Isn't it lovely?
 And these tasty-looking little porkers are pretty cute, too.
 In other news, Adam had the boys outside doing some art this week.
And here's what they came up with, taped to the shed, below. See the little painty finger smudges below their work? Phillip's is on the bottom right. They did some using masking tape, and some with marbles.

The Pennsylvania Dutch Hex was a gift from Amber. We love it!
We've been doing all sorts of other things this week, too. Definitely not the most exciting, but most rewarding was my Wednesday afternoon spent cleaning the sheds. Now we know exactly what we have and where it is, and there's no danger of an avalanche upon opening the doors. We had a cookout with my parents at the beach by their house which was wonderful, we've gone to a couple of playgrounds, other beaches, and visited people (and goats!). The weather has been really hot and dry, but today is hot and extremely muggy, which is more typical. It's supposed to be thundery and stormy tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to. I love a good summer storm - it clears the air.

Speaking of clearing the air, Phillip had a meltdown of epic proportions this morning that seemed to mellow him out a bit, and boy, has he needed it (to mellow out, I mean. I wish the meltdowns weren't part of it.) Today has been one of those days. Both boys woke up on the wrong side of their beds, which means that Phillip has been yelling at and pushing Thomas, and Thomas has been bugging Phillip and crying over everything. He (Thomas) has a bit of a stuffy nose today, too, so I think that's a contributing factor. Phillip stayed up late finishing reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which I'm sure isn't helping (but is really cute. I hate having to tell him to stop reading). His major meltdown was at the market this morning, which resulted in him being carried out, screaming at the top of his lungs. First time that's happened at the market, and I'm hoping it doesn't again. Definitely not our best day, and I'm looking forward to a new start tomorrow.

Well, Thomas just peed on the chair, Phillip's spilled something all over the pantry floor, and it's time for me to serve some overdone ham and hurry up some carrots that aren't done roasting yet for supper. I hope that your day was one of those effortless days where everything falls into place! I'm hoping for one tomorrow.


  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was one of the first full-length books I read by myself - it kept me up late with a flashlight under the covers too!

    I have to go visit that Acadian Village - gorgeous!

  2. Margaret, that's awesome. P read almost all morning and finished Matilda this morning! Yes, you should definitely visit le Village when you're here!


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